Spinal Cord Injury Help with Lawsuit

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Spinal cord injuries are often classified as a catastrophic injury and as such require the attention of a law firm that has experience with similar cases. Damage to the spinal cord can result in impairment that is far in excess of the standard benefit coverage offered under Ontario’s Insurance Act.

The injured party will need help with long-term or permanent disability and substantial compensation for rehabilitative and attendant care.

Spinal cord injury help with lawsuit from a professional personal injury law firm could in include;

Arranging appointments for comprehensive assessments with qualified healthcare professionals such as doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists.

Making sure that paperwork and any other required documentation is filed correctly and on time.

If negligence on behalf of the other party in the accident is in question, there may be damages in tort law. It is essential that you enlist a lawyer who understands negligence law and is prepared to go to trial if necessary.
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What Kind of Lawyer is Best for Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury is classified as a "catastrophic injury”. If you file a law suit, you will require specialized help. Find a personal injury law firm and determine if they have lawyers on staff who have handled spinal cord claims. Such claims have very particular requirements and this is not a time to enlist the help of jut any general practice lawyer. You need a specialist.
Spinal cord injuries – like brain injuries – often require extended medical treatment and can, in some cases, last a lifetime. The assessment of the longevity of the injuries and the calculation of the kind of damages needed to treat them is a difficult. The injured party needs someone who has experience with those calculations.
A lawyer who is experienced with spinal cord cases can also arrange all the necessary physical – and psychological – assessments.

Pursuing Claims for Benefits

There is provision under Ontario’s Insurance Act for spinal cord benefits – It is listed under the heading "catastrophic injury". It is also possible to pursue a remedy in the courts. If another party caused the accident that resulted in the client’s injuries – and was negligent – then there is a case to be made in tort law. It is necessary, therefore, to have a lawyer who is experienced with settling claims – but who is also prepared to go to trial.

Paying for a Lawyer

The first meeting with a lawyer should be free of charge. If the lawyer agrees to take on the spinal cord injury case, it should be on a contingency fee basis. That means that his/her payment will come in the form of a negotiated and mutually agreeable percentage out of the proceeds of a successful settlement. A client should never be on the hook for costs incurred during the claim itself.